Trade globally. Collect locally.

Our currency accounts provide an easy and more efficient way to receive funds from overseas. Our unique multi-currency, single IBAN accounts (powered by Currencycloud) are designed for forward-thinking businesses with a global customer base. The accounts enable our clients to streamline collection of their funds by using one set of account details that can accept up to 34 currencies.

Take control of your funds

Take control of your funds

Streamline collections with a single IBAN

Multi-currency accounts enable clients to receive, convert and pay out funds in multiple currencies using one account with a single IBAN

Reduce costly FX exchanges

Collect funds in local currencies and avoid costly automatic bank FX conversions or unnecessary exchanges.

Improve global customer relationships

Enable your customers and business partners to pay locally in their preferred currency. Making it easier and more seamless for them to deal with your business.

Selling online overseas

Collect locally when using overseas payment gateways (e.g. Paypal/Stripe) to receive competitive FX rates.

Move faster

Move faster

Speedy account set up

We can open currency accounts within hours of applying so you can start sending and receiving payments immediately.

One set of account details

In your business name. Use the same account details across all your invoices for ease.

Receive funds faster

Receive payments locally, avoiding slower international payment routes.

Automated payments

All funds are automatically screened and reconciled.

Expand your global reach

Expand your global reach

Covering your world

Local accounts available in Europe, USA, Canada and the UK in Euros, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, and Pounds.

Receive funds in most local currencies

Collect funds in 34 currencies worldwide.

Key account features

Key account features

For your unique use

In your business name and with unique account details.

Manage on one platform

Easily send/receive both local and international payments and exchange currency balances, all on one innovative platform.

Instant email notifications

Be notified instantly when funds hit your accounts.

API integration capabilities

Integrate your systems into a world-class enterprise-ready platform for payment, risk management and FX solutions.

Receive funds from 180+ countries worldwide

And our capabilities are constantly growing.

World map with Currency Accounts available

Keeping your funds secure

Keeping our clients’ payments secure is our number one priority. We employ advanced security technology to ensure all transactions are processed with the highest level of safety and reliability.



Opening an account with Meridian Solutions is simple and there’s no obligation to trade. Please click on the link below to complete our application form and let us start adding value to your business.

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